Wednesday, 2 December 2009

"Welcome to Moozie Tours!
Today we are visiting the beautiful Chatsworth House in picturesque Derbyshire.
Shall we go inside?"

"Right! Everybody gather round.
This chair is just one of many of the beautiful antiques found here at Chatsworth."

"Famed for its archietecture and decor, Chatsworth also houses a wonderful collection of statues."

"This one for example!"

"humhp hmmm hmmm ..."

"Sorry, the accoustics are a bit off in here!
Shall we move on to the gardens?"

"Here we are in the herb garden, in the rain!"

"Ahh! The sun's out, much better!
The beautiful collection of statues continues into the garden."

"The japanese gardens are exquisit, don't you think?"

"Ohh I'm pooped! I'll see you all back at the cafe!"

"Yom yom yom! Ohh hi ..."

"Umm, did you, ahh, see the carpets in here? ..."

This beautiful courtyard area houses not only the cafes but the gift shops too!

"I hope you enjoyed your visit!
I'm just going to pick up a little memento!"

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I love fresh veg!

"How do you pick a good carrott?"
Not sure Mooz.
"Well these all look good!"

Moozie does New York!

Well sort of ...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Traffic sucks!

"I hate traffic! Are we there yet?"
Not long.

"Are we there yet?"
No, not yet Moozie.

"How about now?"
No Moozie, we are not there yet!

"Humph humm hummm"
What was that Moozie?

"I hate traffic!"
Me too, Moozie, me too.

Hi everyone, this is Moozie. I don't know where she
came from, or where she's going, but I know she
loves to travel!